The Marten Andersson Interview in Ballbuster Magazine

The Marten Andersson Interview in Ballbuster Magazine

By Jym Harris 

Here is my third installment in the Lizzy Borden trilogy; an interview with Bassist Marten Andersson who is also in the band Legacy... 

Introducing LEGACY Marten Andersson recently completed a new album entitled "Deal With The Devil" with the world renowned Recording Artist "LIZZY BORDEN". Lizzy Borden previewed their new world wide tour in Germany with exceptional response at "The Wacken Festival", which held 35 thousand screaming fans. 

Legacy also features guitarist and Roadrunner recording artist Jonas Hansson (Alcatraz, Silver Mountain and the Jonas Hansson Band).Added to Legacy's strong mix are special guest appearances by Joy Basu and Sammy J. Watson. Guitarist Joy Basu has recorded and/or performed with Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, CoCo Lee, members of Dio, Dweezil Zappa and Billy Idol. Drummer Sammy J. Watson is a highly recommended session drummer with past performances/recordings with"Ricky Lee Jones" and with members from the band "The Wallflowers" among others. 

Ballbuster:: So I understand you're in both Lizzy Borden and Legacy. Is there any conflict between bands? How does it all work out with touring etc.? 

Marten: It actually works out perfect. In Lizzy Borden, we rehearse very intensely before we record or we go out on tour. In my off time I write and record songs on my own. We are getting ready to go on the road with Lizzy, in the States and Europe, so I don't expect a Legacy tour anytime soon. We are currently shopping Legacy, for a deal in the States, plus Jonas Hansson is busy doing a reunion album with his old band Silver Mountain. So the scheduling is working out great!! 

Ballbuster:: Was there any problem with the name, since Testament used to be called Legacy? 

Marten: We registered a bunch of trademark names with the organization that deal with trademarks and patents. Legacy was one of the names that was available. There were other things called Legacy: Vacuum cleaners, Rental Agencies and what have you, Legacy was available as far as a hardrock/heavy metal

Ballbuster:: When did you form Legacy? Have there been any line-up changes? 

Marten: For the first set up of Legacy, I actually had 2 guitar players, it was Joy Basu (Joy has recorded and/or performed with Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, CoCo Lee, members of Dio, Dweezil Zappa and Billy Idol) and Jonas Hansson. Joy just did not have the time to commit to it, he ended up coming in and doing a guest
appearance on the CD and did a great job. As far as when.. Well, I have always have been writing songs and playing around with the idea of a solo project on the side. In 97-98 I finally just picked a bunch of songs sent them to a label in Japan, got a deal. The CD ended up doing good over there, that's the way it has been going. I
am taking over a country at the time!!  

Ballbuster:: I've interviewed Lizzy twice now, and hung out with him at the Maiden/Queensryche/Halford show. How is he to work with? 

Marten: Lizzy (and the rest of the guys) are great to work with! Lizzy is very passionate when it comes to the band. He is breathing metal 24/7, which is awesome. We all give a 100%, which you have to do, to be doing this 365 days a year. 

Ballbuster:: I'm curious, does anyone call Lizzy by his real name or do you guys really address him as Lizzy? 

Marten: HA HA!!!! people call him Lizzy, I call him LB. 

Ballbuster:: What's the deal with OUI? You review pornos? 

Marten: Hell yeah!!! That was awesome. The Editor of the Magazine is a friend of the band. She contacted me and said they are combining "Rock and Metal" to OUI's format and wanted to know if we were interested reviewing porn movies for a column. (Huum "porn and rock" together imagine that). Wouldn't you love to review
porn movies for a living? Did not take long (to say yes). Basically they are going to have rock stars review porn movies in every issue, Lizzy and I were the first to do the honors!! 

Ballbuster:: Any porn stars you like or dislike enough to mention? 

Marten: We love all pornstars!!!!! We don't dislike any of them (so far). We have worked with quit a few of them, for example Lizzy cut up jasmine St. Clair at a live show a few years ago. She's a good sport and a friend/fan of the band. 

Ballbuster:: With Legacy, the focus seems to be primarily on you. Are you the main song writer? 

Marten: That's correct. I start out by writing music, then I work with the singer, in which we finish up the lyrics and the arrangements together. I like the idea of having the singer involved with lyrics and arrangements. They tend to take the song more personal, sing better and take more ownership that way. 

Ballbuster:: Now that both bands have new CDs out, are there any future plans we don't know about? 

Marten: I am playing around with the idea of writing a follow up to my first book, "Make Label Contact". It is a reference book about the music industry and it was successful but I have not decided to go forward with that idea as of yet. 

Ballbuster:: Any last comments? 

Marten: Look for a Lizzy Borden show coming to your town!! 

Copyright 2001, BallBuster, The Official Int'l Underground Hard Music Report

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