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An Interview with Marten Andersson

By Martin Simpson/

How long have you been playing Marten?

I started playing guitar when I was 13. I switched to bass a couple of years later.

How did you get started?

It all started when I saw bands like Kiss, Michael Schenker, Ufo and Rainbow. I remember seeing Gene Simmons in a video and I thought he looked cool, a true rockstar. Come to think about it I think that was the moment that made me switch to bass. My first bass was an old Fender Mustang. It had a neck like a guitar but was the first true short scale bass. I think they discontinued making those around 81.

Do you come from a musical family?

My parents are the best parents you can ask for; they were always very supportive of my choices but musical --- No

Whatís your favorite band / solo artist?

Wow, well there are so many great bands out there but as far as bass players I would say Gene Simmons, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin, Chris Glen (from early MSG). I like a player who is not only a great musician but also a great performer with personality and charisma. I get this question a lot and my influences are different now than what they used to be. During the grunge years there were not a lot of very influential players (for me personally) but itís changing, there are a lot of cool cats out there again.

    What are the amps and instruments you currently use?

My gear consists of 4 and 8 string ESP Basses, (Jazz, EC-404, 8 strings etc.), I have a couple of Fenders (a 78 Jazz, a Fender Jazz special), most my basses have Badass Bridges on them, Ampeg, Gallien Kruger, EMG Pickups, Dean Markley Strings, Morley Pedals, Sans Amp Bass Driver, Black Cross Cases, and Line 6 Pod for recording. I write most of my songs on an Ovation Acoustic guitar.

You have an endorsement deal with ESP donít you? Do you endorse any other products?

I like to see it as they endorse me because itís really an honour to be involved with the companies I work with. In addition to ESP I am involved by the following companies in one way or another. Gallien Kruger, Ampeg, EMG Pickups, Dean Markley Strings, Ovation Acoustic guitars, Morley Pedals, Black Cross Cases, Sans Amp Bass Driver, Leo Quan's Badass Bridges and Line 6 Pod. I use most this stuff daily and I stand by it 110%.

What instruments would you like to have if money were no object?

Can we add cars and motorcycles to this as well? (laughter). I have to say that I am really fortunate to endorse some of the best companies out there but I definitely would collect old Fenderís (guitar and basses) and various other types of vintage gear.

What bike do you ride? Iíve had the same Kawasaki Ninja for the last 21 years!!!!!

I am a Harley guy, I had a Sportster, I currently ride a custom Softail Deuce 2003 anniversary model.

What have you been doing for the last five years or so?

I recorded CDs (and toured) with Lizzy Borden, Starwood and my solo project (Legacy). I also did 3 tours with guitarist George Lynch. I am still recovering from the 6 weeks we did with almost no days off playing with Yngwie. I had a blast. I teach to a limited number of students and I hold bass clinics whenever possible. There is always more to learn.

What recordings that youíve played on would you recommend for listening?

I played on a lot of stuff over the years/with some great players, some CDís are more technical then others. Check out my solo CD Legacy, Starwood (If it Aint Broke Break it), and Lizzy Borden (Deal with the Devil).

Whatís been the low point in your career so far?

I guess you can call the struggle of starting out, being a broke musician, living with 5 people in a one-bedroom apartment can be called a low point. However I am a very positive person and looking back now, I realize that made me into who I am today. I have some of my best memories in my life from that period. Itís true what they say, ďItís not the destination, itís the journeyĒ.

So what has been the high point?

There is so many, getting the opportunity to play and become friends with the people I grew up listening to has been unbelievable. Getting my first endorsement deal with ESP and of course there are things like playing in front of 35.000 people that I will never forget, as long as I live.

Have you visited the South African bass players website ?

I just did, looks like a great hangout for musicians. You should make it global!! I am actually looking for a new bass tech; I should post something on there for that. I guess the travel distance (South Africa to Los Angeles) would be a little too far for the guy.

So what does Marten Andersson do in his spare time?

My hobby is music, whatever I do in my spare time usually relates to music in one way or another. It can be anything from returning emails from fans off my website to music industry related parties. I have a great group of friends I hang out with. Of course I make sure I have my down time to recharge my batteries and keep healthy.

What are your goals currently?

Continue practicing, write songs, record, tour, work with new people and of course get the bands I am involved with out there even more.

Thanks for the interview Marten, I enjoyed it.

It was fun. Keep in touch, Thank you. Marten



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