Hear what the Critics are saying..

By Bratgirl

LEGACY - Self Titled
(Snake City Records)

Legacy featuring Marten AnderssonLegacy are; Chris Roseberry, Marten Andersson, Jonas Hansson and Stephan Emig. Four lads with a lot of talent and a lot of the killer instinct to get their product out there into your face. It is late at night and I am feeling quite wired from the first few tracks I have sampled. Front man Marten Andersson is one hell of a vocalist, he displays what seems to be a professionally trained voice and apparently his live presence is that of a Hollywood Star. Marten was in motion picture "The Net" with Sandra Bullock, and recently appeared in a Hollywood calendar featuring people and their pets (no it is not one of those kinky type calendars).

The rest of the band have not be outdone by Marten's star like qualities as they too have their story to tell of fame and fortune. Not to offend Legacy (sorry guys if I do) but this talent sounds much like Skid Row crossed with White Snake, both of which are bands I adore to no end. My adoration now lies true with Legacy, a powerful and explosive talent who will wear well with the changing times of musical expectations with a diverse range of well written material.

Check the guys out at http://www.legacylive.com  7 out of 10.

By Bratgirl

**Note from the webmaster: Chris Roseberry is the singer of Legacy not Marten Andersson.**

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