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Legacy featuring Marten Andersson

LEGACY - Legacy
(Snake City Music)

Legacy is a mini-supergroup composed of band members who have worked with such notable acts as Lizzy Borden, Silver Mountain, Alcatraz and others. And yes, you guessed it, this is very reminiscent of straight ahead melodic brimstone ripped from the highlights of upper level Armored Saint, Chroming Rose and a pinch of Queensryche.

Simmering, gnarly guitar riffs and pensive, yet forceful harmonies garner the same kind of second glance the better metal acts used to.  A classic moniker for sure, and the music follows suit. Sort of a smallish, earthier version of early 'Ryche in general demeanor.  But things get a loftier expression at times, as with "Autumn Rising", a sophisticated piece that kicks back and forth between cries of anguish and introspective dabblings.  "Mission of Mercy" has one of those wicked, bone crushing late 80s riffs Tesla and the like used to milk with expertise.  Very nice. While all members are contributing to the tight yet hooky environment, nothing beats a killer vocalist to make it all worth while. And Chris Roseberry is the man here. All though he isn't particularly unique, I can't readily think of a comparison. Nonetheless, his muscular range and mature restraint cinch this band as a veteran mindset building upon collective wisdom.

While some of the tracks don't live up to others, the overall vibe and execution is a solid to excellent tribute to what makes modern metal (not "nu metal!") a long standing, legitimate force.  This is the style of music that will sound good ten years from now. 

Very nice. 3.5/5 Bolts


- Brian Coles

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