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Review by The Cambell Bros.

Did somebody say "Jonas Hansson?" As in "Swedish axe wielder of Silver Mountain fame?" You're damned right they did. Now mix that with band leader, Bass & Guitar man Mr. Marten frikkin' Andersson, throw in some way cool vocals by Chris Roseberry, drummer Stephan Emig, a guest Appearance by Joy Basu and Sam Watson, and you've got Legacy.

If you'd have asked us say five or six years ago what kind of metal might be really thriving in '99, we'd have said "hmmm...Hell comes to your house style vocals and "e minor times four octaves down?" Hey, the "scare your neighbors wall rattle" IS definitely kicking some serious ass for sure, and getting more popular every day; but there also seems to be a reverse side to the coin, where what we're seeing lately is a pretty heavy onslaught of what you'd call that "back to basics" traditional lead guitar intense metal ( the high vocals kinda stuff that we used to just call "hard rock").

Legacy's soon to be released self titled album "Legacy" is every bit the traditional melodic hard rock /metal (take your pick) show of "here's how it's done" that you'd expect to get from big gun veteran melodic rockers of this caliber.

Very cool stuff! Check it out.

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