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Marten Andersson Interview with Altatensione Webmagazine Italy

Marten Andersson

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Legacy (USA)

Kind: melodic heavy metal

The Legacy a supergroup is a band (nearly) American, of California, founded from the bassist/author Marten Andersson. Marten is a respected musician in the los angeles area. Between the main experiences: various tour and various discs not only record to you with Lizzy Borden (but, also collaborations with big of the hard rock and heavy metal, books, apparitions like model and actor). The  Legacy album has been recorded and mixed at Mastergroove Studio' s, Granada Hills, California, the  property of Dave Morse, Dave has worked with bands like Aerosmith, Guns' n' Roses, Van Halen and Warrant, to name a few.

The question portion:

Hi there Marten and welcome on Altatensione Webmagazine in Italy...

Thanks, wonderful to be here!

First of all...a little introduction about the band and about how is born the Legacy project...

I founded Legacy originally as a side project in 97/98 as an outlet for my personal songs, in between playing with Lizzy Borden. When I decided to go full speed ahead I made some calls and put together some great musicians. Swedish guitar "hero" Jonas Hansson ("Silver Mountain", Jonas Hansson Band) singer Chris Roseberry and drummer Stephan Emig.

All the songs were already written so the whole thing was done incredibly fast. I invited some of my buddies to come down and jam as well. Drummer Sammy J. Watson. (Apex Theory/Ricky Lee Jones) and guitarist Joy Basu (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, CoCo Lee, members of Dio, Dweezil Zappa and Billy Idol) these guys ended up playing on a couple of tracks and it rocked.

Now...let's talk about your cd "Legacy"...describe your cd and the songs in it...the main characteristics, musically and lirically...

I think the songs are well written with some cool raw guitar riffs. Overall it's melodic but yet heavy with a few cool instrumentals. I have written so many songs over the years so I picked a heavy song, a ballad, an instrumental and so on.

Are there any differences in comparison with your previous stuff, songs, approach to the music?

When I started playing I turned on the radio and went down the dial. I listened studied and learned a little from all different styles of music as I encountered it... If I thought something was cool, I tried to learn it. Like I said, I think you will find a little bit of everything on this CD, there is hardrock tuned down guitars but there is also some good ballads with great vocals and some shredding instrumentals.

Which bands or musical styles influenced you during the making of the songs of this new cd?

Thats a tuff one because there is alot of many influences mixed in. I love old school type of stuff like: MSG, Ozzy, Scorpions, Rainbow but there is also some elements of newer stuff like Rob Zombie in there too. I like the idea of bridging the gap between genres. Alot of the newer stuff today sounds great but unfortunately after 2 or 3 songs it all sounds the same. It's hard to find a CD that ALL the songs are great on.

To have recorded and mixed the cd at Mastergroove Studio's in Granada Hills with Dave Morse, who has worked with such bands as Aerosmith, Guns 'N Roses, Van Halen and Warrant, have influenced, in a way, the sound of the cd?

Dave is a cool guy, he kept coming in giving suggestions or improvements. Its a great inspiration when you get advise from someone like a person of that caliber. He added a great energy to it all.

What are you listening to, actually?...last cd you bought?

I am part owner of a music production company here in Los Angeles, so I listen to all kinds of different styles of music. Personally I listen to everything from the old school metal Thin Lizzy, MSG to newer stuff like Korn, Manson, The Donnas, and Disturbed.

About live much strong and energetic is your live show?

I love playing love, it's always very intense playing live. I wouldn't play with anybody that is not on the same page with me, giving 100% One of best memories is playing infront of 35.000 people and the whole crowd singing along. its an unbelievable feeling and all the years of practicing 8 hrs a day just paid off at that moment.


Is your live show based only on music or have you anything scenic on stage?

Don't get my wrong, I would love to have smoke, fire, explosions and everything else you can think about but I am taking babysteps with Legacy. Right now I am really glad to just get this CD out. I am also being realistic that it all depends on if we open up for someone else or headline..

Could we see you live in Italy, soon?

I would love to but I am not sure? Do you know any good Italian promoters that wants us? <smile> I believe we are doing a European Lizzy Borden tour next year though.

About Internet: have you got an official website?...the address?...what can we find inside?

I have a couple of websites: is my personal website and is the Legacy band site. Both websites has the latest news, guestbooks, merchandise, music/video clips, Bio's, photos and much more.

How much are you involved with the web?

I am very much involved on the web. Its a great way of promoting your music and sell CD's. I just talked to a band who have sold 30.000 cd's through their website. That's a lot of money with hardly no overhead. Hell who needs a record label. The ability to get your music out to countries that would never necessary get to hear it otherwise is awesome too. Also a great way of communicating with fans etc. I get emails from countries such as Israel even. I read it all and I try to answer everybody.

It's a lot of time you are in the rock music business, you have worked with Lizzy Borden and your opinion...where's rock-metal scene going?

A lot has changed in the America scene as you might know. Everything is very trendy, which sucks. Bands like Hottie and the Blow Fish was huge one day selling millions, the next day they can't give their CD's away for free. Right now it seams like certain parts of the world is better then others, I love when a 14 year old kid comes up asking for an autograph or wearing a Lizzy Borden T-shirt. Look at a band like KISS, they have 3 generations worth of fans. Unfortunately, I don't think Metal, as we know it will get back to what it was in it's heyday. Also any style of music is not given the opportunity to develop in the music business today, if the first album is not going gold you are not given a second chance, that's also why you see so many of these one hit wonders today.

Thanx a lot and have you a message for our users and your fans of

"Be honest to yourself and be dedicated to whatever you do"

Article and interview of Lory Lorena. Graphical elaboration of John Lorena.

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