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Interview by  Skinwalker/Jeff -

1. When did you start playing Bass and who influenced you???

I started playing guitar when I was 12, I played guitar for a couple of years until I realized I wanted to deal with a 4 string instrument rather then 6. Little did I know that I would end up playing 8 and 12 strings basses. I like players like Gene Simmons, Roger Glover, Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris, etc.

2. Were you involved with any bands pre Lizzy Borden? If so, tell us about them.

I did studio work for a while, I played a wide range of styles from Disco to Death Metal. I was all over the map. I loved the diversity, it kept it interesting. I had a lot of fun playing with guitarist Joy Basu among others.

3. You toured in the Lizzy Borden band for the Master Of Disguise tour. How did you get the Bass slot for the tour and what are some of your best memories from that tour?

A good friend of mine, bass player Kim Nielsen from the female band Phantom Blue was doing some work for Lizzy at the time. She recommended me for the job. I went down to his studio and met the band, did 2 rehearsals, I was on tour two weeks later. It was great!! It was my first major tour. I was used to mini tours, traveling in an old beat up vans. All of sudden I was on a killer tour bus, free booze, tons of girls and getting paid to do this! Ohh yeah there was some bass playing involved too.

4. What did you do musically after LB tour ended?

Took a vacation. I put together my solo thing, worked on a music reference book, did some acting on the side, pretty much tried a little bit of everything, not to forget humping pillows and drinking beer.

5. You have recorded 2 CD's with the Jonas Hansson Band. Tell us about these CDs and how you became part of the project.

I have known Jonas for many years now, prior to becoming friends I always heard about him being the first guitar hero from Sweden. His old band Silver Mountain toured Asia before Yngwie, Europe or any other Swedish Metal band. He always had great players on his CD's so it made it a lot of fun working with him.

6. Tell us about working with guitarist Joy Basu.

CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER! We have a similar musical background, we liked the same music, we came out to CA the same year. We started out jamming, sitting on boxes and no furniture in his apartment. I consider him a cool cat, a good friend. He is a hungry mother fucker that never sleeps. That's probably why he has time to play with everybody in the world, on top of doing his solo stuff.

7. You have a band called Legacy. Tell us about this project.

It started as a side project, as an outlet for my original songs. It has some great musicians on it. Jonas Hansson (Guitar/Silver Mountain, Alcatraz), Chris Roseberry (Vocals) and Stephan Emig (Drummer/Session player). Other Musicians is drummer Sammy J. Watson (Apex Theory, Ricky Lee Jones) and Guitarist Joy Basu (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, CoCo Lee and members of Dio, Dweezil Zappa and Billy Idol).

8. The Legacy cd is finally being released in America, why did it take so long?

Originally the CD was just meant for Europe and Japan. I picked a bunch of songs sent them to a label in Japan, got a deal. Legacy was never officially released in the U.S. The people out here didn't really get know about it, until I got approached by Chavis Records. They took the initiative to bring the release over here. The CD is available now.

9. You have a side career in acting.. Tell us about some of the work you have done.

It wasn't really my thing, I had little parts here and there, played musicians, played a bad guy in the TV show "Sweet Justice" (Melissa Gilbert) stuff like that. It paid the bills for a while and made me realize what I really wanted to do in my life.

10. How did you get involved with the Hollywood Celebrity Pet Calendar?

I got approached by the photographer for the calendar. He was a LB fan. I was told the profits of the sales went to SPCA. There was some cool people doing the calendar with me (such as Slash, Ally Walker, Clint Eastwoods daughter). I have been involved in animal rights for a long time. It was just a very natural thing to do for me.

11. What prompted you to release your book “Make Label Contact/The Ultimate U.S. Source Directory” and how was it done?

It is a reference book about the music industry, a to-do book on how to get a record deal. When I was 15, I sat around wondering what and who I needed to send my music to in order to get a record deal. It took me 10 years to figure it out. I figured it must be tons of kids with great talent but have no idea of what the proper steps are to get a record deal. Unfortunately, it takes more then hard work and focus at times.

12. Tell us about your gear and what is your top choices to use.

I use ESP Basses and Guitars, Ampeg amps, Dr and La Bella Strings, Nady Systems, Dean, and EMG Pickups.

13. Getting back to Lizzy, when the new cd was being planned, was the bass slot waiting for you??

Lizzy called me and wanted to put together the same set up we ended with in 92. I said yes and we went on to play "Bang Your head" and Wacken Festival in front of 35,000 people. It's was a great success and tons of fun to play with Deep Purple, Dio, Motorhead, Dee Snider, Wasp etc. I knew we would have a lot of fun doing the new CD after that. The rest is pretty much history.

14. DWTD is a great cd, were you happy with your playing on that release?

I think DWTD turned out to be a great metal CD. It was a lot of fun working with Producer Elliot Solomon. I am happy and proud of the outcome.

15. What are some of your best experiences on the tour supporting DWTD?

There has been a very interesting roller coaster touring for this album. Everything from the nightmare of my basstech getting shoot 3 times outside our tour bus in North Carolina to the incredible feeling of playing in front of 35,000 people in Germany.

16. A. Can you tell us about the new LB cd and what to expect from it musically?

We have some very cool ideas, there is also a lot of other stuff in the works such as a LB Box set, a new Live DVD/Live CD. We are playing some West Coast dates coming up as well.

B. How much have you been involved in putting it together?

Basically Lizzy is the main songwriter for Lizzy Borden but we work together and collaborate a lot so we will see what ends up at the final cut.

17. What does the future hold for Marten Andersson?

Rainbow Bar and Grill (silence.. ) I used to say I want to F*** Pamela Anderson and Selma Hayek before I die. I got so much slack for that. I think I have to change it. How about "I want to F*** Nicole Kidman before I die". hahahha.. No Seriously, I am in recording mode right now. I am recording with a new project right now. It's going really well. The details are evolving as we speak, but it's with a great new hunger and laughs. It's heavy, music sounds like a mix between Korn and Rob Zombie. I cant wait until its done and we bring in a bottle of Jagermieiser, and listen to the stuff we recorded. Check my site for an official announcement on this soon if you are interested.

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