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By Loud MetalNick Baldrian

High octane guitar based metal band from Los Angeles that feature former members of Lizzy Borden, Jonas Hansson Band, Silver Mountain, Alcatraz, Dio etc.

The album features eleven tracks some of which remind me of Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy, Crimson Glory, Dokken, Nazareth etc, so what we get is band that plays surprisingly good 80's style rock and metal. Check out 'Tool' which is a brilliant song that just bounces along with stomping, bulging riffs and a great chorus in the vein of Dokken.

'Autumn Rising' is a smoldering classic rock track which starts off as a ballad before bursting into a Badlands meets Dokken meets TNT catchy melodic rocker. Vocalist Chris Roseberry has an amazing voice similar to Tony Harnell and Don Dokken which can be powerful and also very subtle. This particular song is one of my favorites which also has some very cool twin guitar parts. 

Of the musicians appearing on this record we get famed guitar player Joy Basu, Marten Andersson (bassist with Lizzy Borden, Takara etc), guitarist/keyboardist Jonas Hansson who you may remember from Silver Mountain and Alcatraz and drummer Stephen Emig. All this makes for a very powerful release, with songs such as the excellent Dokken inspired 'Mission Of Mercy' giving the band an edge that should see this album selling well to fans of this genre. 'Mission Of Mercy' is very catchy as is 'Troubleshooter', the bluesy stomping Ozzy-ish 'Leave It Alone', the ballad 'Can't Remember Love', the
guitar pumping 'My Last Sunrise' and the instrumental pieces '2.4.1', 'Astral Sundown' and the Jason Becker/Marty Friedman inspired 'Thank You' all make for what will hopefully become one of the most talked about bands of 2001.

Nick Baldrian

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