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(This is translated from German it might not be totally accurate)

Legacy featuring Marten Andersson

A few Legacy-members are well-known musicians, the band is Chris Roseberry,  (vocals, cool power-voice) and Stephan Emig (Drums), who I've never heard of, Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden) and Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain, Alcatraz). They sound very experienced and professional. The music is powerful and very melodic US-Metal. The best heavy tracks are "Tool" or "Underdog".  The song "Mission of Mercy" is average, not spiritual. The instrumental song "2.4.1" is a total blast and has lots of harmony. If you can buy the CD or if it's just for promotion is not sure yet... Check out their web to get more info: www.legacylive.com.


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