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Snake City Music 
Rating: 8,0 
by Mario Del Nunzio 

Legacy featuring Marten AnderssonDebut album by North-american/Swedish band, featuring bassist Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, Joy Basu, Jonas Hansson band etc) and Swedish guitarrist Jonas Hansson, known for
solo albums and for his work with Silver Mountain (band known as the first of legendary ex-Rising Force and many other bands Anders and Jens Johansson). 

This album features interesting hard/heavy songs with good technical sections and shredding neoclassical soloing, in the vein of 80's Shrapnel bands like Racer X and Apocrypha. The singer Chris Roseberry does a good job, escaping from the nowadays metal cliches, with vocals sounding like an updated and better version of Jeff Martin, with good range and interpretations. 

The album still features guitar virtuoso Joy Basu playing guest solos on some songs. The highlights of the album are the 3 instrumental songs, "2.4.1.", with good harmonized guitar/bass tapping lines and good solos, the progressive 'Astral Sundown' and the calm, with clean guitars 'Thank You'. The are also some beautiful ballads and the rest is divided between hard rock and heavy metal songs, basically in the 80's style, as mentioned above, but with some modern sounding heavy riffs. Very good debut album. 

By Mario Del Nunzio


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