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Legacy/Legacy - 90%

Genre Ė Melodic Power Metal
Label Ė Snake City Music

Featuring members from bands such as Lizzy Borden, Silver Mountian, Alcatraz, Jonas Hansson Band And Joy Basu, we are of to something very promising and Legacy does deliever power metal genre as such bands as Annihilator and Savatage, but these great bands does sometimes lack in the melodies. Legacy is here to fill that out with a record with more teeth in it. Take a track as Mission Of Mercy with itís groove fill power drive and all over great performance from each member, itís for sure to be the albums best track and a track to kick you so far up from the sofa, that you wonít get the chance to say amen. My thoughts are lead onto another great band that were around sometime ago, when I'm listen to the whole cd - itís Saints & Sinners. There are a lot of similarities to them in how the drive is been put into the cd. Just one thing donít expect to get a band just like Saints & Sinners, because Legacy is a band for themselves with their own suscribtion in how to make music. Do visite them at for more info on the band. 

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