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No, this ain't a reunion of the original Testament lineup. Legacy is a band that comprises Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, takara, Jonas Hansson Band) on bass guitar, Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain, Alcatraz, Jonas Hansson Band) on guitar, Chris Roseberry on vocals and Stephan Emig on drums. In case you don't know Jonas Hansson: he was the guitar player of Silver Mountain, the band featuring the Johansson brothers (Yngwie Malmsteen, Hammerfall, Stratovarius etc) on drums and keyboards. As far as I know, Hansson is preparing a new Silver Mountain album with the Johanssons. But let's get back to Legacy. On their 11-track demo, they play straight forward old-school melodic metal. The CD starts with "Troubleshooter", a track that immediately caught my attention due to its incredible bridge. I've seldom heard a track which has a better bridge than verse or chorus. But this one really features a vocal line during the pre-chorus that I cannot get out of my ears. The sound could be described as Yngwie Malmsteen meets Rainbow to play US metal, but with a high singer. Chris Roseberry really has a voice that takes some time to get used to. Sometimes it's very sharp, almost shrill. But I have to stress it once again, the vocal lines of "Troubleshooter" are more than perfect. The next track, "Underdog" is a traditional metal stomper, this time with an only "nice" chorus. "Tool" is too hectic, "Autumn Rising" a good melodic midtempo track, but this time, Roseberry's vocals are really too shrill. During "Leave It Alone" and "Can't Remember Love", he's singing a bit deeper, what a relief! In every case, the compositions of Legacy are much better than the ones of the countless true metal clones, because they are trying to do their own thing. Check out the track "My Last Sunrise" and you know what I mean. Contact:

Rating: 8

Review by: Rage


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