Hear what the Critics are saying..

Legacy featuring Marten Andersson

(This is translated from Portuguese and might not be totally accurate)

The shallowest mention of the Hard Rock sub-style ofRock and Roll would make the traditional early 80īs  Metal-Trash fanatic enraged. The first picture to come to their banging heads would probably be the homogeneous fag silhouette of the Californian bands with their colored ribbons, strippers, cheap hooker hair-do and all.

As the world never cease to evolve ( for better or for worse, only God knows each ) this style has become the stage for a class of talented musicians whose mark of creativity and good taste has been placed in albums of good ( but not too often ) quality.

This band lead by bassist Marten Andersson ( ex-Lizzy Borden and Jonas Hansson Band ) with Chris Roseberry on the vocals( he was been on the local scene for more then a decade now ), German born Stephan Emig on the drums and guitarist extraordinaire Jonas Hansson ( ex-leader and co-founder of Silver Mountain, one of the bastions of the Swedish Metal on the beginning of 80īs and the precursor of the neo-classicism on the Heavy genre as it is currently, and of JHB ). The result is a heavy sound with a well placed guitar, creative riffs and  solos mingled on a competent and vigorous rhythm cousin, with a able singer and a interesting gamma of compositions ( 11 songs counting 2 instrumentals ) in a interesting sum of influences  ( including Takara, Talisman, Rainbow, old Scorpions, to say a few ) that may interest habitual and open headed Metal fans alike. A good debut for a quartet that was everything to hit the charts.

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