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Legacy featuring Marten Andersson

This LA based band is definitely one to check out as soon as possible, because this is music from a very high quality. I need to add that some of the band members already gained some popularity. For example, the Swedish members of the band, Marten Andersson on bass and Jonas Hanson on guitar and keys, both played in several popular Hard Rock acts such as LIZZY BORDEN, TAKARA, SILVER MOUNTAIN and ALCATRAZ. The demo CDR LEGACY sent me is a very impressive rock album with some great 80s typed Classic Melodic Hard Rocksongs (imagine a mix of MALMSTEEN, TNT and DOKKEN). 

Just listen to the opening tune "Troubleshooter" and you'll be hooked for sure. This first track is a great up-tempo melodic hardrock song that sounds like the classic mid 80s (with a bit of TAKARA). Not as good, but still nice heavy rockers are the following two songs ("Underdog" and "Tool"), both sounding a bit more updated for today's rockformat. Then we're dropping into classic 80s melodic rock with the song "Autumn rising". BY far, this is the best song of the whole record, because it features everything to make it a classy piece of 80s Hard Rock. The MALMSTEEN typed guitarsolo's, the brilliant vocals of singer Chris Roseberry and the catchy chorus (a la DOKKEN, VELOCITY) make this uptempo melodic rocker a true winner. Next track "Mission of mercy" is a very good strong 80s typed up-tempo US Melodic HR song (a la ICON, LION). "Leave it alone" follows and is a bit weaker, but the following 3 songs are quite convincing again. First up there is the instrumental melodic rocker "2.4.1." (Better than the last MALMSTEEN record!). Then there's the lovely semi melodic rock (ballad) "Can't remember love". And there's the good MHR song "My last sunrise". The closing two songs are both nice instrumental tracks. 

This LEGACY is a big recommendation worth and it would not surprise me if some record label offers them a record deal, because this demo CDR proves they are an act to be watched out for! More info can be found at: http://www.legacylive.com

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)


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