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LEGACY - Legacy (Advance CD)
(Snake City Music) 

Founded by bass player Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, Takara, Jonas Hansson Band) Legacy is an interesting hard rock band formed by experienced virtuoso musicians: the guitar duties are performed by Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain) and the vocals are courtesy of Chris Roseberry, a trained and skilled singer, former member of the band Lost Breed (Hellhound Records). Behind the drum kit sits Stephan Emig, from the Los Angeles Music Academy; he played with guitarists such as Jean-Marc Belkadi and Joy Basu. 

They are expected to kick ass and actually they do it in an apparently easy way! This advance CD (the import is now available in the Japanese version with 2 bonus tracks) is made of 11 tracks that range from Rainbow/Malmsteen style attackers ("Troubleshooter") to heavier, modern high voltage up tempos ("Tool", and the groovy dark funky of "Underdog"), and hard rock ballads ("Can't remember Love"). 

All over the album, a great fretwork by both the bass player and the guitarist, not only technically excellent, but capable to create passionate melodies, in tracks like "Autumn Rising", which starts like a soft, intimate ballad and develops into a classy US style heavy rock mid-tempo, and the classic 80s hard rock of "Mission of Mercy", definitely two killer songs. 

The slow paced and bluesy "Leave it Alone" features a straight from the heart performance by Chris Roseberry, a very talented voice, gifted with a good vocal range and a great vibe, and precedes the first instrumental "2.4.1" (the second is the soft and atmospheric fusion of "Astral Sundown"), one of the best tracks on the album, where all the musicians and especially the bass player Marten Andersson outdo themselves demonstrating both instrumental mastery and excellent melodic taste. 

The following tracks confirm the excellent quality level of this debut album, and the advance CD closes with another brief instrumental called "Thank You". 

The band has a cool homepage, really well done, where you can find news, sound clips, videos and complete biographies, so if this review sounded good to you, hurry to: http://www.legacylive.com

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